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Traditional Clinical Services

Therapeutic Care. Life Choices offers individual therapy for children (ages 10+), adolescents and adults. Cognitive Behavioral & Emotion-Focused therapies are generally employed. Treatment also is provided for couples (both married and unmarried) and to families. The aim for treatment, whether individually, as a couple or as a family, is understanding and growth that allows each person to see oneself through lenses of acceptance. From this, areas of change can be more clearly identified. For those that inquire, spiritual and/or biblical doctrine can be incorporated into the treatment.

Psychological Testing & Assessment
Psychological, Chemical Dependency & Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations.
Dr. Waddell-Pratt is trained to provide evaluation and assessment services. Some evaluations are required at the direction of a third party (i.e., a licensing board) and are geared to answer specific concerns from that third party. Others are self-generated. In either instance, the evaluation occurs in two parts: 1) the completion of psychological tests, and 2) the clinical interview. The assessment takes approximately 4.5 hours and is completed in a single visit; most reports are completed in two weeks. Assessments are paid at Dr. Waddell-Pratt's flat rate. An itemized receipt is provided for individuals who may attempt to receive reimbursement from their insurance carrier for out-of-pocket costs.

Bariatric Surgery Patients.  Bariatric surgery is a life-altering event. Many patients share common reactions and paths after having the surgery. However, every patient must be treated as an individual. Because of this, it is important to do a thorough assessment of each person to try and determine what individual and unique challenges each person may face as the role of food changes in their lives. By way of the evaluation, plans can be made to meet these challenges in the smoothest way possible. Life Choices provides comprehensive evaluations (a prerequisite for surgery) as well as ongoing counseling to support the long-term success of your surgery and lifestyle changes. The evaluation consists of two parts: the completion of psychological tests and a clinical interview which can be scheduled in a single visit. Dr. Waddell-Pratt's flat rate is charged.

Workshops & Training Seminars
Dr. Waddell-Pratt has presented professionally on anxiety management, on the power and impact of thoughts on mood and behavior, and on the marriage between Christian principles and the practice of psychology. Dr. Pratt has a passion for teaching and for sharing her knowledge with others. If you would like to arrange for Dr. Waddell-Pratt to provide a training workshop, then phone the office or reach us via email at

Christian Counseling

Together with other independently licensed practitioners, lay counselors and volunteers, Life Choices contracts with the Kingdom Fellowship Assistance Network (KFAN) to offer an exclusively professional and lay Christian counseling service to the community. For more information about these exclusive services, visit: or call 520.428.KFAN (5326).

Training and Supervision

Dr. Waddell-Pratt also provides supervision and consultation services for counselors and psychologists and can provide particular direction around anxiety issues (her area of expertise). She also contracts with community agencies and individuals to offer pre- and post-doctoral supervision.