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Life Choices

Life Choices

The following new client forms have been added here for your convenience. Because each is in PDF form, you have the option of either printing them out and then completing them or typing within the body of the form. These forms can be completed in advance of your initial appointment and brought with you to the office. In addition to completing these forms, you will need to bring your identification and insurance card to the first appointment along with any applicable fees (copays, coinsurance, deductible fees). These forms can also be completed in-office by arriving 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Welcome Letter

Client Demographic Form

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

Office Policies & General Info Agreement for Psychotherapy Services

Consent to Use and Disclose Information for Treatment & Payment

Acknowledgement of Additional Fees

Please take a moment to review the Fee Schedule that governs the work and payment of services for Life Choices.
Life Choices Fee Schedule